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Honestly, I would prefer to unload everything that is currently on my mind for all to read and muse on; however, I must provide some context to my blog’s raison d’être, if I expect you (reader) to take it seriously.

So, I’ll try to make this quite brief – I am Maria, I am in my twenties, work in tech, studied ‘data science’ (yes, that was my actual concentration) @ Cornell University, live currently between New York and the Emilia-Romagna region of Northern Italy, speak three languages (Spanish being my native tongue) and I have a beautiful Siamese cat named Miłoz.

As the tagline of the blog states, I feel that it is necessary to have a place where I can freely ask the questions that for one reason or another, are not considered – mainly within the confines of foreign policy, politics, economics, etc. Consider this an alternative perspective.

The most incredible intellectual achievement that I have accomplished (after many painstaking years of work) has been the ability to examine political and world affairs from a purely analytical lense, which of course, requires the acknowledgement and careful dismantling of the dominant ideological forces that had previously constrained me (and all of us) to think in a very narrow way. That is why it is vital for others like myself to shed light into the important issues and facilitate healthy discourse that encourages all those around us to think outside of the imaginary boundaries in order to begin to genuinely comprehend the world.

The focus of this blog will be to offer a thought provoking perspective on US foreign policy, world affairs, history, economics, and the like. If after reading, you have managed to question something that you have never questioned before, I have done my job.

Now as for the name — as classically trained pianists will note, Johann Sebastian Bach was truly a genius beyond comprehension. And as he had inscribed in the cannons 9 and 10 — for which he had not specified the time intervals corresponding to the cannons and placed the burden on us to figure it out — Quaerendo invenietis or seek and ye shall find. With a probability of 1, you will.